Paw Tree


Paw tree is a  company that loves pets!  Their products like these pet food seasonings, are packed full of vitamins and minerals that are important to the life of your pet.  Featured in the picture above are their pet food seasonings.  You do not like to eat the same things every single day, and neither does your pet.

Sprinkling a little seasoning on their meals and not only change up the flavor of their foods, but also give them the added nutrition they need and deserve!

We recently adopted our new puppy, bear.  We were having trouble finding food that bear wanted to eat (he has proven to be the new pickiest member of our household), I sprinkled a little of the beef medley seasoning on his food and he ate the whole thing!

Pawtree is not only seasonings, food, and treats; but they approach your pets care from every angle.  If your pet has a ailment they have different packages of products to help your pet out.

In a nutshell if you have a pet this company is the way to go for providing quality products without all the nasties!  and shipping is always free!

click here to buy better for your beloved pet!


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Kristi Pineda

Hi! I'm Kristi, welcome to my page! Within these pages you will find the storytelling’s of a daughter, a woman, a wife, and a mother of four. Its my hope that these stories will take you on a journey- my journey. The journey that let me, as a teenager from rural Alabama to become a missionary overseas, to become a wife and a mother and finally to my return to Alabama twelve years after my departure. I hope you enjoy my story; all of our journeys are different; each one special and significant. May you live yours with joy and grace and strength. so, let’s begin…

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